How Do I Clean Up Categories In Outlook?

What are categories in Outlook used for?

Color categories allow you to easily identify and group associated items in Microsoft Outlook.

Assign a color category to a group of interrelated items—such as notes, contacts, appointments, and email messages—so that you can quickly track and organize them..

How do I automatically label emails in Outlook?

Automatically send emails to their label in Outlook Open Outlook. Select an email from a contact of which you’d like to auto-forward their emails. Right-click on the email and navigate to “Rules”, then select “Create Rule”. Click on “Advanced Options”. Select “from (contact’s name)”. Click “Next”.More items…

How do you create a filter in Outlook?

Right-click a message in your inbox or another email folder and select Rules. Select one of the options. Outlook automatically suggests creating a rule based on the sender and the recipients. To view more options, select Create Rule.

How do I sort my Outlook Inbox by category?

Step 1: Open the folder in which you will view messages by categories. Step 2: Arrange messages by categories: In Outlook 2007, please click the View > Arrange By > Categories. In Outlook 2010 and 2013, please click the Categories button in the Arrangement group on the View tab.

How do I delete categories in Outlook?

Delete a categorySign in to Outlook on the web.Select any message.Right-click, and then select Categorize > Manage categories.Select the category you want to delete, and then select Delete .

What does clear all categories do in Outlook?

How to clear all categories from Outlook?Clear all categories from a specific folder with Clear All Categories feature.Clear all categories from a specific account with VBA code.Click the folder that you want to remove the color categories, and then press Ctrl + A to select all the items.More items…

How do I turn off automatic categories in Outlook?

To avoid categorizing the entire thread, open the message then set the category, or turn off Show as Conversations (on the View ribbon) before setting the category.

How many Outlook categories can you have?

with 6 categoriesAs a default Outlook automatically provides you with 6 categories already set up. Since they are based on colours their names are rather uninspiring – “red category”, “blue category”, and the like. Fortunately you can easily rename existing categories and create additional ones.

How do I automatically assign categories in Outlook?

Enable Automatic CategorizingRight-click an email from your Inbox that matches the criteria of the Category you’re about to create.Choose “Create Rule” to bring up the Create Rule dialog box.Skip the simple options and go straight to “Advanced Options” using the button in the corner.More items…

How do I manage categories in Outlook?

On your Outlook Home tab, navigate to the Tags section (it’s the fifth section from the right) and click Categorize. In the Set Quick Click box, open the drop-down menu and choose the category you want to set as your default Quick Click Category. Click OK to save your Quick Click selection.

What is the best way to organize Outlook Inbox?

7 Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks for Better Email ManagementMove Complex and Non-Critical Emails Into a To-Do Folder. … Use Outlook’s Task List Instead of Clogging Your inbox. … Clean Up Your Inbox in One Click. … Use Rules to Automatically Sort Emails and Stop Receiving Irrelevant Emails. … Create Quick Parts for Default Responses to Common Questions.More items…•

How do I use categories in Outlook 365?

Method 1:Select an email message or calendar event and right-click.From the Categorize menu, select New category.Type a name for your category, and then, if you want, choose a color by clicking the category icon.Press Enter. The category is created and applied to the items you’ve selected.

Why can’t I rename categories in Outlook?

Even if you have Owner permissions to the Calendar folder of the user who is sharing folders, the Rename button is always disabled in the Color Categories dialog box for someone other than the mailbox owner. … Because of this, only the mailbox owner can rename a category displayed in the Color Categories dialog box.

How do I change the order of categories in Outlook?

Click the View tab in People view. Or choose List from the Change View option in the Current View group. Then, click Categories in the Arrangement group.

Where is the Master Category list in Outlook?

Outlook does not use the registry for a master category list; they are stored in the default message store (mailbox or pst).

How do I change the Master category in Outlook?

Right click on the top of your mailbox folder set and choose Properties. Click the button “Upgrade to Color Categories…”. Outlook will scan your mailbox for items with Categories which aren’t in the Master Category List yet and will add them.

How do I organize my outlook to do list?

Sort tasksSign in to Tasks from the app launcher.Select the Filter menu and choose how you want to sort the tasks in the tasks list. For example, in the following image, tasks are sorted by status (Active), due date, and with the oldest tasks on top. You can sort by Active, Overdue, or Completed.