How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Accept A Kitten?

How long does it take for a resident cat to accept a kitten?

eight to 12 monthsFollowing the initial introduction, it can take a very long time for a relationship to grow.

It takes most cats eight to 12 months to develop a friendship with a new cat.

Although some cats certainly become close friends, others never do..

How do I get my cat to accept a new kitten?

When you bring your kitten home, allow your cat to sniff it while the kitten is in a carrier or your arms. Go directly to the room previously designated and set up for your new kitten and allow the kitten to explore. The litter box, food bowls, bed, and some toys should all be easily accessible.

Do cats get jealous of a new kitten?

So do cats get jealous of a new kitten? It certainly can happen, especially if the older cat feels it is getting less attention than it is used to or less than the new kitten. Cats naturally form their own hierarchy and can become envious or even angry if they feel their position is threatened.

When can I leave my new kitten alone with my cat?

6 monthsWe have to be very quiet and gentle, and move slowly, so that kitty will learn to trust us.” Do not leave small children alone with a kitten under 6 months of age. Follow the same basic guidelines as Step one with a couple of exceptions.

Why is my cat hissing at my new kitten?

A cat may hiss at the new kitten because she is expressing territorial aggression, feeling unsettled, and unwilling to share her space. This is a normal cat behavior when there is a new kitten in the household and can best be addressed by properly introducing the cats to each other.

Will a grown cat hurt a kitten?

But no your older cat will not kill the kitten. It will hiss at the baby and will teach it that he/she is older and therefore the boss. After awile the older cat will get will get used to the kitten and they will become friends. Only time will tell if they will ever get along.

Will my cat accept a kitten?

Adult cats will usually accept a new kitten much more easily than they will accept a new adult cat. Cats are territorial, and your cat may resent an adult feline intruder. If you’re able to choose from a group of kittens, avoid a kitten that’s hissing, growling or engaged in serious battle with his mates.

Will my cat kill my new kitten?

It’s unfortunately what happens sometimes when you try to pair an adult cat with a kitten. Some cats have a higher prey drive than others. Adult cats (Especially males) will also sometimes kill unrelated kittens as they see them as competition.

Should I let my cat hiss at the new kitten?

When a resident cat hisses at a new arrival, it’s normal behavior and usually nothing to worry about. Take the introductions slowly. Confine your new kitty for a few days, allowing the cats to smell each other under the door and on towels you rub on them. They should begin to stop hissing at each other’s scents.

Should I get a kitten for my 1 year old cat?

12-13 is preferable. You say you work long hours, a kitten this age needs a lot of time and attention, so I would be looking at taking some time off to look after and introduce these cats.

What if my cat hates my new kitten?

You just have to be calm, encourage the cats to play and eat together, separate them if there’s aggression, and BE PATIENT. The cats will need to first get used to each other, and then establish their social order in the household. But they usually DO work it out.

Is it normal for an older cat to bite a kitten?

Your cat bites your kitten’s neck if it is a mother who simply wants to carry her kitten. However, if it is a male tomcat, he may also want to pick up your kitten. But, if he continually bites the kitten in the same area without carrying it could mean that he’s trying to assert his dominance.