Question: Is Black Ops 2 The Best CoD?

Is Black Ops 1 or 2 better?

Black Ops 1 and black ops 2 are both amazing, but I give the slight advantage to bo1 for the setting.

Although I feel as though bo2 is more polished.

Blops 1: campaign, multiplayer, and zombies were the best..

What is the best selling CoD game?

Call of Duty: Black OpsThe most successful game in the franchise is Call of Duty: Black Ops, which has sold over 30 million units worldwide since it was first released in 2010. The game was released at the height of the franchise’s popularity and featured the hugely successful multiplayer and zombies game modes.

What’s the next CoD 2020?

Activision has finally confirmed that the next title in the Call of Duty franchise will be titled Black Ops: Cold War and it’ll launch on November 13 2020. From developer Treyarch, it will be set in the 80s and its campaign will act as a direct sequel to the original Black Ops game.

Is Black Ops 2 worth?

Unironically, I’d say Black Ops 2 is worth buying in 2018, 2019, or 2021. The things that make the game great aren’t dependent on other players, and so unlike every other game in the franchise, this one will always be worth replaying.

Will Black Ops 2 be remastered?

There Are No Reports Of COD: Black Ops II Remastered Happening. While Call Of Duty: Black Ops II remains one of the best entries in the franchise, there’s no sign of a remastered version coming together.

What is the #1 game in the world?

Most Popular Core PC Games | Global1.League of LegendsRiot Games2.Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: SiegeUbisoft3.Among UsInnerSloth4.MinecraftMojang5.ValorantRiot Games17 more rows

What is the most hated Call of Duty game?

The 8 Best Call Of Duty Games (& 7 Worst)1 BEST: Call Of Duty.2 WORST: Call Of Duty: Ghosts. … 3 BEST: Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. … 4 WORST: Call Of Duty: Finest Hour. … 5 BEST: Call Of Duty: Warzone. … 6 WORST: Call Of Duty 3. … 7 BEST: Call Of Duty: World At War. … 8 WORST: Call of Duty: Black Ops II. … More items…•

What is the best COD Black Ops?

The gameplay in Black Ops 2 is by far the best in the series. The multiplayer experience is the heart and soul of this game. No other Call of Duty has been able to recreate the magic that Black Ops 2 has. Which is why Black Ops 2 takes the crown as best Call of Duty game of all time.

What are the best guns in Black Ops 3?

BEST SMG – KUDA at approximately 40% of 45,000 voters.Best Assault Rifle – Man-O-War.Best Shotgun – Argus.The Best Light Machine Gun – Dingo.The Best Sniper Rifle – Locus.The Best Pistol – RK5.The Best Launcher category had the closest competition– BlackCell at 50.28% and XM-53 at 49.72%Play it here !More items…

What is the best gun in Black Ops 1?

The Famas1. The Famas: The most popular gun in the game when stats for Black Ops were released, and it’s not hard to see why.

What CoD has the best zombies?

Call of Duty: Top 15 Zombie Maps In The Series1 Mob of the Dead (Black Ops 2) Many Zombies fans were disappointed with Treyarch’s first map, TranZit.2 Origins (Black Ops 2) … 3 Der Eisendrache (Black Ops 3) … 4 Shadows of Evil (Black Ops 3) … 5 Der Riese (World at War) … 6 Ancient Evil (Black Ops 4) … 7 Gorod Krovi (Black Ops 3) … 8 Kino Der Toten (Black Ops) … More items…•

Can you still get banned in Black Ops 2 2019?

Any user who illegally acquires Call of Duty: Black Ops II content is subject to penalty. First offense: User will be permanently banned from playing the game online, will have their stats & emblems reset, and will be blocked permanently from appearing in leaderboards.

Is there a black ops 2 for ps4?

“black ops 2 ps4”

What is the best gun in cod bo2?

The Skorpion EVO is the last available SMG to unlock and it has the highest rate-of-fire in any gun in the game. It chews through bullets fast but for head-to-head encounters, it’s hard to beat.

What is the best class in Black Ops 2?

[BO2] Best Classes IMOPrimary: AN-94, fitted with Adjustable Stock and Quickdraw Handle Suppressor.Secondary: N/A.Perk 1: Flak Jacket.Perk 2: Toughness + Scavenger.Perk 3: Tactical Mask.Lethal: C4.Tactical: Concussion.Wildcard: Perk 2 Greed.

What is the best Black Ops 2 Zombies map?

Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies MapsOrigins. I love this map, especially when your friends are over and are playing origins, you can do many stuff as the maxis drone or build wonder weapons as the elemental staffs. … Buried. Buried is one HELL of a map! … Mob of the Dead. Amazing map I love it. … Nuketown. BEST… … Die Rise. … Tranzit. … Town. … Alcatraz Island.More items…

Are Black Ops 1 and 2 connected?

3 Answers. You can play the second game and still understand everything that is going on without playing the first Black Ops, one follows the story of Alex Mason, while Black Ops II follows the story of his son, David Mason.

Why is Black Ops 2 so expensive?

This is high in price, mainly because it is a Backwards Compatible Game on the Xbox One. Thus meaning people are still playing the game even now.

What is the best gun in Black Ops 2 multiplayer?

The best assault rifle is the Type 25 because it is extremely overpowered and you unlock it in the lower ranks. The MTAR is also a very good gun and you unlock it at level 4. If you have the first DLC then use the Peacekeeper because this is definetly one of the best guns in the game.

What is the best AR in bo2?

User Info: iGBxType 25. 5.86% (19 votes) … SWAT-556. 4.01% (13 votes) … FAL DSW. 23.77% (77 votes) … M27. 12.65% (41 votes) … SCAR-H. 8.33% (27 votes) … SMR. 4.32% (14 votes) … M8A1. 8.02% (26 votes) … AN-94. 26.85% (87 votes)More items…•