Question: Is Joules Heating A Reversible Effect?

What is heating effect of electric current state Joules law?

Answer: Explanation:Joule’s law states the amount of heat production in a conductor is : Directly proportional to the square of electric current flowing through it.

Is directly proportional to the resistance of the conductor.

Directly proportional to the time for which electric current flows through the conductor..

What do you mean by joules heating effect?

Joule heating is the physical effect by which the pass of current through an electrical conductor produces thermal energy. This thermal energy is then evidenced through a rise in the conductor material temperature, thus the term “heating”.

What is Joule’s heating effect class 10?

When an electric current is passed through a high resistance wire, like nichrome wire, the resistance wire becomes very hot and produces heat. This effect is known as heating effect of current or Joule’s law of heating.

What is joules heating effect list application of joules heating effect in our daily life?

Applications of Joule’s heating effect in daily life : (1) The heating effect of current is utilised in the working of electric heating appliances such as electric iron, electric kettle, electric toaster, electric oven, room heaters, geysers, etc.