Question: What Does It Mean To Be Fee?

What does Fee mean in slang?


Is the word dues singular or plural?

The plural form of due; more than one (kind of) due. (plural only) Money you pay to a group to be part of that group. Our club requires $10 a year in dues. I did not join the labor union because I did not want to pay the union dues.

What is an example of commission?

A fee paid for services, usually a percentage of the total cost. Example: City Gallery sold Amanda’s painting for $500, so Amanda paid them a 10% commission (of $50).

How do you solve Commision?

A commission is a percentage of total sales as determined by the rate of commission. To find the commission on a sale, multiply the rate of commission by the total sales. Just as we did for computing sales tax, remember to first convert the rate of commission from a percent to a decimal.

What does it mean for a fee to be waived?

1a : to relinquish (something, such as a legal right) voluntarily waive a jury trial. b : to refrain from pressing or enforcing (something, such as a claim or rule) : forgo waive the fee. 2 : to put off from immediate consideration : postpone.

What does Fifi mean in Spanish?

HN vain, arrogant and rudefifí [adj] HN. vain, arrogant and rude.

Will waive the fee?

to decide that you will not ask for something, although you have a right to do so, or that a rule will be ignored: waive a claim/fee/right The bank waived the overdraft fee.

What is discount and commission?

Commission is when you invoice an agent “gross” and the agent pays you the “gross” value. the Commission is then reserved for payment at a later date. and. Discount is when you invoice an agent “net” of his discount and he pays you the “net value keeping the “discount” for themselves.

What is the difference between tuition and fees?

What Are the Differences Between Tuition and Fees? The biggest chunk of college costs is usually tuition – the amount of money required for instruction. Especially at the undergraduate level, students are often required to pay fees; these costs usually need to be paid to enroll in and attend class.

What does Fefe mean?

Fear; afraidFefe: Fear; afraid ; or an expression of mockery. Depending on how the word fefe is used, it can be interpreted as fear, afraid or an expression of mockery similar to “whatever or whatevs” in modern day language and slang. Similar sounding words include the following.

What does pay the fee mean?

A fee is a sum of money that you pay to be allowed to do something. … A fee is the amount of money that a person or organization is paid for a particular job or service that they provide.

Is it fees or fee’s?

Though grammatically, fee is singular, and fees plural, as far as usage is concerned, both have almost the same meaning, fees having the more common usage than fee. … While ‘fee’ is singular and ‘fees’ plural, they are both treated as singular.

What is a fee in math?

Definition: A fee paid for services, usually a percentage of the total cost.

Can be waived meaning?

to refrain from claiming or insisting on; give up; forgo: to waive one’s right; to waive one’s rank; to waive honors. … to put aside for the time; defer; postpone; dispense with: to waive formalities. to put aside or dismiss from consideration or discussion: waiving my attempts to explain.

How do I apply for a fee waiver?

Writing a Letter Requesting Waiver If you want to write a letter in addition to the form, begin with your purpose: “I am writing to you today to request a waiver of the application fee due to hardship.” Next, explain your reasoning: “I will have difficulty paying the fee because I am unemployed.