Question: What Is Meant By A Special Purpose Computer Or Dedicated Computer?

What are the four purposes of a computer?

Computers are general-purpose information machines that can perform a variety of tasks on data.

These tasks are all related to the four basic computer operations: input, output, processing and storage..

What is a special purpose computer?

Special-purpose computers refer to computers that are built to perform specific tasks, such as automatic teller machines or washing machines. Special-purpose computers also include systems to control military planes, boats, surveillance equipment and other defense-oriented applications.

What is general purpose computer and special purpose computer?

A general purpose computer is used for different programs for different functions. … A speical-purpose computer is designed for special functions only. It is usually made to do one thing only.

What are examples of special purpose computers?

Examples include Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), mobile phones, palm-top computers, pocket-PCs etc. As they are handheld devices, their weights and sizes have certain limitations as a result they are equipped with small memories, slow processors and small display screens, etc.

Which is special purpose digital computer?

Special-purpose computers are often equipped with analogue-to-digital converters, state locks, timers, switches for signals from external sources, display units, lighted panel indicators, and plotters. The design of a particular special-purpose computer depends on the conditions in which the computer is to be used.

What are the types of computer based on purpose?

Classes by purposeMicrocomputers (personal computers)Minicomputers (mid-range computers)Mainframe computers.Supercomputers.Servers.Workstations.Information appliances.Embedded computers.More items…