Question: When Need Be Definition?

What does need be mean?


: a necessary reason : necessity..

What is another word for Will?

What is another word for will?desirewishmindpreferenceinclinationintentionpleasuredispositionfancyintent56 more rows

When it is needed meaning?

When needed implies that the thing will be needed eventually, but it is only a matter of when. If needed implies that speaker does not know if it will be needed, and so they are speaking hypothetically. When needed implies that the thing will be needed eventually, but it is only a matter of when.

What is the definition for mandatory?

adjective. authoritatively ordered; obligatory; compulsory: It is mandatory that all students take two years of math. pertaining to, of the nature of, or containing a command.

Will be needed or would be needed?

New Member. You can use “I will be needing it.”, but not “I will be needed it.” “will be” is future tense, while “needed” is past. You can’t combile future with past unless you use the future perfect tense, in which case you would end up with “I will have needed it.”

What’s another word for much needed?

What is another word for much needed?vitalcriticalimperativeindispensableimportantneededrequiredrequisitesignificantall-important38 more rows

What should I say instead of need?

condition,demand,essential,must,must-have,necessary,necessity,needful,More items…

Where is necessary necessary?

If you say that something will happen if necessary, when necessary, or where necessary, you mean that it will happen if it is necessary, when it is necessary, or where it is necessary. If necessary, the airship can stay up there for days to keep out of danger.

Is required meaning?

to have need of; need: He requires medical care. to call on authoritatively; order or enjoin to do something: to require an agent to account for money spent. to ask for authoritatively or imperatively; demand. to impose need or occasion for; make necessary or indispensable: The work required infinite patience.

What is the meaning of not needed?

—used to say that something is not necessary”I’ll get someone to help you.” “No need.

How do you use if need be in a sentence?

Examples of if need beAnd so on and so forth, all the way up to the best off if need be.It could be redesigned to match the semantics of a new iconic language if need be.They can be handled case by case if need be.Yearly voyages to the expedition’s base also provided it with an opportunity to escape if need be.More items…

What’s the difference between compulsory and mandatory?

When used as nouns, compulsory means something that is compulsory or required, whereas mandatory means a sign or line that require the path of the disc to be above, below or to one side of it. When used as adjectives, compulsory means required, whereas mandatory means obligatory.

What’s the difference between required and mandatory?

The phrase “mandatory requirement” is redundant. A mandatory action is something that is required, obligatory, or compulsory….Primary Meanings of mandatory.1.adjrequired by rule2.nthe recipient of a mandate1 more row

What does it mean if something is not mandatory?

adjective. Not required by law or mandate; voluntary. ‘the company has a non-mandatory pension scheme’ More example sentences.

Is needed correct?

We can say the past “needed” is correct. However, if this is a fact or something that is true at present, some could end up having a difficult time understanding why “needed”, a past form, is correct. Use “needed”. That could apply to past or present.

What kind of verb is needed?

Need is a semi-modal verb because in some ways it is like a modal verb and in other ways like a main verb. We use need mostly in the negative form to indicate that there is no obligation or necessity to do something: You needn’t take off your shoes.

Would be needed meaning?

It means something like “If it’s needed”. You might add this to the end of a sentence. “There are lifeboats and life rafts available, should they be needed.” So in a situation where they’re needed, they’re available. Another way to word this is “If you need lifeboats and life jackets, they’re available for you to use”.