Quick Answer: Is Worse Than Meaning?

Is there a word worse?

Worse and worst are the comparative and superlative forms of the adjective bad.

Worse should be used to compare two things..

What’s another word for getting worse?

Worsen, intensify, aggravate and compound are similar, but exacerbate has the sense of an irritant being added in to make something bad even worse.

What does Wise mean?

Adjective. wise, sage, sapient, judicious, prudent, sensible, sane mean having or showing sound judgment. wise suggests great understanding of people and of situations and unusual discernment and judgment in dealing with them.

What does superlative mean?

1 : being the form of an adjective or adverb that shows the greatest degree of comparison “Best” is the superlative form of “good.” 2 : better than all others : supreme superlative work. superlative. noun. Kids Definition of superlative (Entry 2 of 2)

Is Worth or does worth?

If you want to say ‘does it worth it’, then you would need to turn ‘worth’ into a VERB. ‘Do’ is a helping verb in that sentence, and therefore it has to be helping a verb – and ‘it’ is not a verb, so ‘worth’ would have to be a verb. But ‘worth’ isn’t a verb.

Which is worse or worst?

Worse describes something that is of lower quality than something else. It is used to compare two things with each other. Worst describes something that is of the lowest quality of a group of three of more things.

How do you use worsen?

to become or make something worse than it was before synonym deteriorate The political situation is steadily worsening. Her health has worsened considerably since we last saw her. worsen something Staff shortages were worsened by the flu epidemic.

What is another word for better?

Some common synonyms of better are ameliorate, help, and improve. While all these words mean “to make more acceptable or to bring nearer a standard,” improve and better are general and interchangeable and apply to what can be made better whether it is good or bad.

What is the opposite of worsen?

What is the opposite of worsen?allayalleviateassuageeasemitigaterelieverectifyreducecalmdiminish48 more rows

How do you spell worst?

Correct spelling for the English word “worst” is [wˈɜːst], [wˈɜːst], [w_ˈɜː_s_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is another word for worse?

In this page you can discover 43 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for worse, like: deteriorated, worsened, more evil, graver, bigger, , less good, naughtier, tougher, corrupter and weaker.

What is worse in a sentence?

It was the worse news I could hear. His silence was worse than his anger. There’s no point in making it look any worse than it is.

What does pearl mean?

1a : a dense variously colored and usually lustrous concretion formed of concentric layers of mother-of-pearl as an abnormal growth within the shell of some mollusks and used as a gem. b : mother-of-pearl. 2 : one that is very choice or precious. 3 : something resembling a pearl intrinsically or physically.

What is the meaning of to become worse?

: to make worse. intransitive verb. : to become worse the weather began to worsen.

Whats the meaning of poor?

1 : having little money or few possessions. 2 : less than enough a poor crop. 3 : worthy of pity The poor dog was lost. 4 : low in quality or condition poor health a poor effort.

What’s worse mean?

of more inferior quality(Entry 1 of 3) comparative of bad. or of ill. 1 : of more inferior quality, value, or condition.