Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of So Sporty?

What is slang for an athlete?

(US, slang, pejorative) An enthusiastic athlete or sports fan, especially one with few other interests.

A slow-witted person of large size and great physical strength.

A pretty boy that shows off in sport.


What does unexpectedly mean?

adjective. not expected; unforeseen; surprising: an unexpected pleasure; an unexpected development.

What is a car enthusiast called?

motorhead (plural motorheads) (US, Canada, slang) A car, truck, or motorcycle enthusiast.

What is encouragement?

Encouragement is defined as an expression of support or approval, or is words or actions that assist or inspire someone or something. When you praise a child and encourage him to keep trying, this is an example of encouragement. noun.

What is another word for sporty?

What is another word for sporty?casualinformalgaudyglitteringglitteryglitzyornatedashingdappersaucy17 more rows

What is the meaning of aport?

Aport definitions Aport is defined as movement on, or in the direction of, the left side of a ship. An example of aport is when the captain of the boat asks you to move to the left side of the ship. adverb.

How can I look sporty?

If you want to dress sporty, you only need a few basic items. Athletic gear like track pants, gym shorts, and workout shirts can be worn together or paired with other items like jeans and tanks. Choose clothing with athletic-inspired details and add sporty accessories to complete your look.

Is Aport a Scrabble word?

APORT is a valid scrabble word.

What abort means?

1a : to induce the abortion of or give birth to prematurely. b : to terminate the pregnancy of before term. 2a : to terminate prematurely : cancel abort a project abort a spaceflight. b : to stop in the early stages abort a disease. abort.

What is a sporty person?

(of a person) fond of sport or outdoor activities. (of clothes) having the appearance of sportswear. (of a car) having the performance or appearance of a sports car.

What are people who love sports called?

A sports enthusiast is someone who is really passionate and excited about sports. … Enthusiast comes from the Greek enthousiastēs, meaning “person inspired by a god.” While it doesn’t retain those same religious connotations today, an enthusiast is someone who is inspired by a cause or person.

What does apparat mean?

noun. an organization or existing power structure, especially a political one: a position of leadership within the party apparat; The chess apparat is not eager to change tournament rules.