What Is A Complete Package?

What mean whole?

Whole, total mean the entire or complete sum or amount.

The whole is all there is; every part, member, aspect; the complete sum, amount, quantity of anything, not divided; the entirety: the whole of one’s property, family..

What does the whole package mean?

whole package (plural whole packages) (usually with the) All the elements constituting a whole or occurring as a unit. (usually with the) Something or someone that possesses a full set of relevant characteristics, usually desirable ones.

What makes a woman the whole package?

She’s a lot more than the complete and total package Some of the significant components are her looks, her voice, her laughter, her personality, her take on life, her ambition or career. When falling in love with the whole package, every part of the woman is explored and included.

What does package mean in slang?

male genitalia. … See more words with the same meaning: male genitalia.