What Is Insurance NAIC Code?

What is the NAIC number for direct auto insurance?

This is a targeted market conduct examination report of Direct General Insurance Company, (NAIC Code # 42781) and Direct National Insurance Company (NAIC Code # 23736)..

What does NAIC number mean?

National Association of Insurance Commissioner’sThe NAIC number is a number that the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s (NAIC) assigns to each individual underwriting company. … For existing policyholders, the NAIC number also appears on the ID cards as “Company Number”.

What is USAA NAIC number for auto insurance?

25968NAIC#:25968USAA GROUPCPAF:2232200DMV#:35612/31/1990USAA Casualty Insurance Company 9800 Fredericksburg Road San Antonio, TX 78288

What is the NAIC Model Regulation?

The NAIC Model Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines (available in the library) contains documents promulgated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners as proposed statements of insurance laws that should be adopted by the 50 states.

What is the purpose of NAIC?

The mission of the NAIC is to assist the state insurance regulators, individually and collectively, in serving the public interest and achieving the following fundamental insurance regulatory goals in a responsive, efficient and cost effective manner, consistent with the wishes of its members.

What insurance company is Code 148?

NAIC#:22063MarylandCPAF:253PCDMV#:148www.geico.comGovernment Employees Insurance Company One GEICO Plaza Washington, DC 20076-0001

What is Mercury Insurance NAIC number?

27553NAIC #:27553Date Authorized in California:1973-11-14License Status:UNLIMITED-NORMALCompany Type:Property & CasualtyState of Domicile:CALIFORNIA1 more row

What is the NAIC code for Geico?

2063GEICO’s NAIC number is 2063. You will need to know the GEICO NAIC number if you ever have to file an insurance claim or Department of Motor Vehicles report. The NAIC number identifies the company that holds your insurance policy. However, as a major insurance company, GEICO has several NAIC numbers.

What is Allstate’s NAIC number?

19232NAIC#:19232ALLSTATE INS. GROUPCPAF:258DMV#:1103/26/1936Allstate Insurance Company 3075 Sanders Road Suite H1E Northbrook, IL 60062-7127

How do I find my NAIC number progressive?

You can find your NAIC number on your proof of insurance card, on your car insurance declarations page, or on NAIC.org.

What is twisting mean in insurance?

Twisting — the act of inducing or attempting to induce a policy owner to drop an existing life insurance policy and to take another policy that is substantially the same kind by using misrepresentations or incomplete comparisons of the advantages and disadvantages of the two policies.

Why was NAIC created?

Answer. State insurance regulators created the NAIC in 1871 to address the need to coordinate regulation of multistate insurers. The first major step in that process was the development of uniform financial reporting by insurance companies.

What is a primary Naics code?

Within the official NAICS classification system, U.S. industries are defined at the 6-digit level. … The first six digits of the 10-digit product code is the 6-digit NAICS code of the manufacturing or mining industry that is designated as the primary producer of the product.

How do I find my insurance company NAIC number?

The NAIC code is found on your insurance card. Most of the time the NAIC is printed on your ID card, however it is not labeled. It is a 5 digit number. Please call the office and any representative would be happy to provide you with the NAIC needed for your vehicle registration.

What does NAIC mean?

National Association of Insurance CommissionersThe National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is an organization led by the insurance commissioners of the 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., and five U.S. territories. The NAIC develops model rules and regulations for insurance companies and products with the goal of standardizing them across the country.