What Quasi Intelligent?

What’s a pseudo intellectual?


a person exhibiting intellectual pretensions that have no basis in sound scholarship.

a person who pretends an interest in intellectual matters for reasons of status..

What is quasi law?

Quasi-criminal means a lawsuit or equity proceeding that has some, but not all, of the qualities of a criminal prosecution. It may appear in either a common law or a civil law jurisdiction. It refers to “a court’s right to punish for actions or omissions as if they were criminal”.

What is quasi human?

What is the mythic meaning of quasi-human races? It has one, or actually more than one. First, quasi-humanity suggests that we could be very different from what we are. As with other worlds, quasi-humans suggest that the limitations we place on possibility are to some degree arbitrarily imposed.

What does quasi cash mean?

Quasi Cash Transaction means a Transaction whereby the Cardholder uses a Card at a Terminal, POS Kiosk or directly with the cashier at the Merchant Casino to obtain an Authorization and then uses the Authorization to permit a Merchant Casino to generate a Negotiable Instrument that may be cashed, followed by Settlement …

What’s a pseudo?

Pseudo is something or someone fake trying to pass as the real thing — a fraud or impostor. Pseudo can be a person who is a faker, but it’s usually a prefix. For example, a pseudo-intellectual is trying to convince you he has a great, educated mind, even though he doesn’t. … Anything pseudo isn’t real or genuine.

What is a quasi sentence?

The coding unit is a quasi-sentence. One quasi-sentence contains exactly one statement or message. In many cases, parties make one statement per sentence, which results in one quasi-sentence equalling one full sentence.

What do intellectual mean?

possessing or showing intellect or mental capacity, especially to a high degree: an intellectual person.

What do you mean by quasi?

quasi- a combining form meaning “resembling,” “having some, but not all of the features of,” used in the formation of compound words: quasi-definition; quasi-monopoly; quasi-official; quasi-scientific.

How do you use quasi?

Use quasi when you want to say something is almost but not quite what it describes. A quasi mathematician can add and subtract adequately, but has trouble figuring out fractions. The adjective quasi is often hyphenated with the word it resembles.

What are quasi professions?

A semiprofession is an occupation that requires advanced knowledge and skills but is not widely regarded as a true profession. Traditional examples of semiprofessions include social work, journalism, librarianship, teaching and nursing.

What is quasi intellectual?

Noun. pseudointellectual (plural pseudointellectuals) A person who claims proficiency in scholarly or artistic activities while lacking in-depth knowledge or critical understanding. A person who pretends to be of greater intelligence than he or she in fact is.

What is quasi Colonial?

2 belonging to or associated in some way with people in general not including the speaker or people addressed.

What religion is quasi?

1. quasi-religious – resembling something that is religious. sacred – concerned with religion or religious purposes; “sacred texts”; “sacred rites”; “sacred music” Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection.

What is another word for pretentious?

Synonyms forarty.exaggerated.grandiose.hollow.overblown.pompous.stilted.turgid.