What Size Motor Do I Need For A 16 Foot Fiberglass Boat?

How much horsepower does a 16 foot boat need?

But you don’t have to put engines that large and expensive on a 16′ to 24′ aluminum fishing boat.

Boats in this size range with 115-hp to 150-hp engines typically have their best planing fuel economy in the 23-mph to 28-mph range with these size engines, and have a WOT in the high 30s or mid-40 mph range..

What size motor do I need for a 12 foot boat?

Tips for selecting the right size hp for portable outboard motor for your boat.Motor HPBoat length (feet)Boat length (metres)2hp – 10hp8′ – 12’up to 3.5m5hp – 15hp8′ – 14’up to 4.2m9hp – 20hp11′ – 16’up to 4.5m20hp – 40hp13′ – 18’up to 5.0m2 more rows

How fast will a 5 hp outboard go?

The 5hp engine will put you in the 10mph range, while the 7.50-10hp engines will push you 15+ mph.

What size motor can I put on my boat?

The rule of thumb is based on weight alone, and says you should have between 40 and 25 pounds of weight for each horsepower. For example, a 5,000-pound boat could have an engine with between 125 and 200 horsepower.

What size motor do I need for a 17 foot boat?

A small motor in the 7 to 10 hp range will usually have enough power to move a 17 ft runabout at hull speed, i e. not on plane. Many jurisdictions have reduced licensing requirements for boats under 10 hp. That is why 9.9 hp motors are very popular!

How big of a boat will a 9.9 push?

A 9.9 outboard will push a 6500 pound Catalina 27′ sailboat at 6-7 knts.

Is 1000 hours on a boat a lot?

The typical gasoline marine engine will run fine for the first 1,000 hours. It is at this juncture that the engine starts to exhibit small problems. If these small problems aren’t addressed, they can turn into major problems which may make the last 500 hours of life difficult to reach.

How much weight can a 12 foot aluminum boat hold?

Conclusion – Jon Boat Weight CapacityJon Boat SizeAverage Weight Capacity12 Foot425 Pounds14 Foot610 Pounds16 Foot990 Pounds18 Foot1,425 Pounds2 more rows

Why do boats have a max hp rating?

It seems obvious that the maximum horsepower rating is to keep us from speeding out of control with an oversized engine and, since these ratings are mandated by the U.S. Coast Guard, it’s a logical assumption that these capacities are the result of their testing.